The Foundation for Environmental Conservation (FEC) takes a global and holistic approach to improving the understanding of all issues related to the conservation of the environment. To this end, it owns the journal Environmental Conservation and organises the International Conferences on Environmental Future.

The Foundation is based in Switzerland, where it was founded in 1975, and is non-profit and tax-exempt by authority of the Council of State of the Republic and Canton of Vaud and is perpetually under Swiss Federal Government surveillance by the Department of the Interior, Berne. There is more information on the history of the Foundation here.

The current President of the Foundation is Nicholas V.C. Polunin

Contact the Foundation:

The Foundation for Environmental Conservation
1 Rue de l’Avenir
1110 Morges

Fax: +41(0) 21 86666616
Email: polunin@btinternet.com