Jason Flower

Research Assistantjason_flower

email: jason@foundationforec.org
skype: jflowernet

Jason has a background in marine conservation and has worked at research and teaching stations in the Seychelles, Bonaire, Tobago, and Honduras. He worked on the EU funded Future of Reefs in a Changing Environment project where he developed a coral reef managers’ handbook: Towards reef resilience and sustainable livelihoods: a handbook for Caribbean reef managers

Jason has a master’s degree in Tropical Coastal Management from Newcastle University in the UK and was a Global Fellow on the Duke University Marine Conservation course. His interests lie in using scientific results to guide policy and management actions, and encouraging the exchange of ideas across different fields of research.

Jason co-organised the 7th international Conference on Environmental Future, and runs the Foundation’s website. He works at the Environmental Markets Lab (emLab) at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Jason’s Google Scholar profile can be found here and you can find him on Github here.